Lama - location aware mobile advertising platform

Project details

Turn on the app before visiting the Store / Merchant Center. The application needs Bluetooth to be turned on Bluetooth and access to internet (Mobile or WiFi).). While searching for products on the shelves and walking along the store or shopping center, the application will keep you informed about the reduced products and active discounts in your immediate vicinity and other information. The end of harassment with intrusive and intrusive ads. The app only informs you inside the stores while you shop. You will never receive notifications in your spare time, hanging out with friends, walking around the park ...

Key benefits of the system:

  • Review the offer of multiple stores in one place
  • Real-time notifications of promotions and discounts during shopping
  • Advanced search engine and filters for easier detection of relevant information
  • Possibility to review the offer even without an internet connection

  • Client: Own product
  • Work: concept, planning, degsign, programming, market testing
  • Project type: mobile app and web platform

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